8941 S Leavitt Rd, Amherst, OH 44001

Crash Recovery

We have decades of experience rescuing vehicles from precarious situations. Whether they are on their roof, down an embankment, or other unfortunate situations, we thrive at extricating your car, truck, motorcycle and/or suv's from the difficult spots. And don't forget - in the event of an accident, you're allowed to request the towing company you want to tow your vehicle.

Full Towing Capabilities

Flatbed trucks are available to tow your 4x4 and All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles. Likewise, if you prefer your vehicle to be towed by flatbed, we will happily accommodate your request..

Motorcycle Transport

We have specialty equipment to tow your motorcycles from location to location. Your bike will be gently placed on a retractable bed, softly ratcheted into a secure position then lifted into our transport truck.

Auto Repair & 24 Hour Towing